Camphora Engineering is a dynamic and innovative fire protection engineering firm located in Vancouver, B.C. The company offers comprehensive consulting services in building code analysis, certified professional program and fire protection engineering.


Our company assists on code review and building permit fasttracking which includes conformance to Part 3 of the National Building Code pertaining to architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical requirements. The majority of our projects include producing reports for equivalence and relaxation from Code requirements.


BC Housing – Single Room Occupancy Renewal Initiative

                 o     Beacon Hotel     o     Cordova Residence     o     Dominion Hall     o     Gastown Hotel     o     Hazelwood Hotels

                 o     Marble Arch Hotel     o     Marr Hotel     o     Molson’s Bank Hotel     o     Orange Hall     o     Sunrise Hotel

                 o     Tamura House     o     The Rice Block     o     Washington Hotel

New Jubilee House


Our engineers have code consulting experience on social and supportive housing projects:

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