General Life Safety

We currently provide the following General Life Safety Services:

  • Fire and Life Safety Analysis
  • Fire Protection Engineering and Alternative Solutions
  • Fire and Fire Protection Research







Certified Professional Program Services

The Certified Professional program (CP) is an alternate permit process that serves as a “fast track” on the issuance of Building Permits.

Camphora CP engineers facilitate the issuance of Building Permits for many institutional, commercial, industrial and residential projects.

We currently provide the following Certified Professional Program Services:

  • Division B, Part 3 Life Safety Building Code Compliance
  • Division B, Part 3 Site Reviews
  • Division B, Part 11 Existing Building Reviews







Fire Protection

Our engineers have over 10 years of experience and expertise on Fire Protection.

We currently provide the following Fire Protection Services:

  • Smoke Management System Analysis
  • Smoke Modeling
  • Evacuation (Time Egress) Analysis
  • Water Curtain System Analysis
  • Fire-rated Glazing System Analysis
  • Fire Protection of Adjacent Building for
  • Construction Fire Safety Plans Fire



  • Fire Protection Computer Modeling using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Upgrade Requirements for Existing Buildings
  • Life Safety Assessment of Existing Buildings


  • Expediting Building Permits
  • Recommend the Issuance of Building Permits
  • Expediting Occupancy Permits
  • Alternative Solutions (Equivalencies)
  • Objective-based Designs by Fire Risk Analysis
  • Assist decision makers in matters concerning Building Rehabilitation:


  • Sprinkler System Upgrade Criteria
  • Code Compliance Review
  • Life Safety Upgrading
  • Development and Evaluation of Fire Protection Alternatives and Strategies

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